Land training sessions go indoors

Land Training sessions will start in the New Year from Wednesday 5th January 2022

Mick Evans will be hosting the hour long sessions , which for the Winter months will be held at St Edwards College.

from 7pm to 8pm in the gym opposite the swimming pool. Prices at £4 per adult £3 per child

An example of a robust workout below

1 – 3 sets AMAP (as many as possible) – do each exercise for the time stated (eg 45s) with no rest between.

At the end of all the 8 exercises rest for the same time. Time -45s, 40, 35s (with same rest time) Warm up Press ups Deep squat pulse x3 then jump. Tricep dips burpees T press up (or normal press up if too hard) Plank Jumping split lunges Side planks


2 – do each set of 3 exercise back to back – 10s transition between each exercise – do all 4 times in a row, Warm up Crunch 30s Press up 30s Side squats 30s 1 min rest Wide arm press up 30s tuck jump 30s bicycle crunches 30s 1 min rest V sit ups 30s tricep dips 30s lunges 30s Stretch 3 – supersets – do each pair of exercises back to back without rest.

Do all the sets (AMAP – As many as possible) then repeat 3 times in total, with the time reducing for each set – 45s, 40s, 30s Warm up 1 – 1A press ups , 1B plank with shoulder touch (touch each shoulder with opposite hand)

2 – 2A forward and backwards lunges (swap legs), 2B deep squats

3 – 3A – crunches, 3B superman (lie on stomach with hands outstretched – lift arms and legs so only stomach on floor – hold)

4 – 4A Burpees, dead man press ups (lie on floor with hand in air, then press up and repeat)

5 – 5A mountain climbers, squat jumps.