I expect most of you will be aware that the Government has set the dates for the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions for the reopening of sporting facilities, which includes pools.

This now means we can once again work to restart our training offer to Club Members. Over the coming month we will be working with both Knowsley Sports Centre’s and St Edward’s Management to ensure we can safely return to the pool.

The process will commence by engaging with our Coaching Team to check that they are available and willing to return to the Club.

We will be liaising with the facility management at both sites to ensure all is in place for our safe return to the pool.

Once again, all Members / Swimmers will need to complete the issued Health Check Form and return it on the day of their first session. As you would expect no Swimmer who has Covid-19 symptoms or is now in an isolation period will be allowed back into training.

We will also expect Swimmers and Parents to remain vigilant and conform to our issued Social Distancing Guidance both within the facilities and on poolside.

The expected dates for restarting training has been set by the Government:

Week commencing 12 April 2021, indoor sport facilities including swimming pools can be opened to under 18s only.
Week commencing 17 May 2021, indoor sport facilities including swimming pools can be opened to over 18s as well.

You will be informed on our progress as we work to the above dates with all the involved parties to ensure a safe and sustained environment for our Coaching Team, Swimmers, and their families.
We thank you for your continued patience and support.

Tom Rock
Chair of Everton Swimming Association”